Fiebelkorn’s “Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance” And “Rental Permit Ordinance” Are Political Retaliation For Failure To Impose Rent Control And To Subvert State “Owner-Resident Relations Act”

District 7 Albuquerque City Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn is sponsoring two new city ordinances that are targeting the city’s apartment industry. One ordinance is entitled the “Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance” and targets what  Fiebelkorn deems “deceptive” practices  and “unreasonable” fees.  The second is the “Residential Rental Permit  Ordinance” that mandates  a permitting system to operate residential rental properties.

Fiebelkorn’s  two new city ordinances are being proposed  after the City Council  voted down  her city council resolution  asking the New Mexico Legislature to repeal a state law that prevents cities throughout the state from implementing rent control.  Fiebelkorn argues her new ordinances are a “logical progression” of the discussion on rent control.   She proclaims her Residential Tenant Protection Ordinance is a “relatively painless way” to help Albuquerque residents living on the margins to deal with soaring rental housing costs.

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